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Which Identity Theft Protection Service Do You Recommend?

The number one question I get is “what identity theft protection service do you recommend”.  For many years my answer was “none.”  It seemed that every identity theft protection service I reviewed couldn’t quite live up to its marketing.  Or they would change their plans by removing services while charging the same amount to the consumer.  They would also claim to offer full restoration services but when the consumer needed it the company would send a do-it-yourself repair kit.  So I said that I would not recommend any company until I found one that I would want to buy.  That day has come.

IDFLogoI am pleased to announce that I am now an official reseller of IdentityForce identity protection services.  After testing their product I decided that this is a service I could recommend to others.  I was impressed with the level of service as well as simplicity of their dashboard and alerts.  But a test run was not enough.  I also spoke with their CEO to make sure consumers would receive, in my opinion, the best service available.  Guess what, they do.

Here is why I like IdentityForce

  1. You have the option of credit monitoring (you don’t need credit monitoring if you have a credit freeze in place).
  2. Their dashboard is easy to use and, more importantly, understand.
  3. Their “delete now” service shows you which websites sell and expose your sensitive information and helps you remove it.
  4. Their call center employees are trained and experienced.
  5. When you become a victim of identity theft they do all of the heavy lifting** as opposed to sending you a do-it-yourself repair kit.
  6. UltraSecure plans include nationwide million dollar insurance

IdentityForce does not claim to do more than they can actually do.  Some identity theft protection companies claim to prevent identity theft or monitor for medical identity theft.  This is impossible.  First of all no one can prevent identity theft.  Second, monitoring for medical identity theft, outside of reviewing your EOB or credit report, is currently impossible.

What IdentityForce offers you is peace of mind knowing that in the event you become a victim they will do the heavy lifting to restore your identity.  Of course there are a few exceptions such as IRS tax return fraud.  No one can mitigate IRS tax return fraud except for you or your tax preparer.  However, IdentityForce will help you through the process making sure you have not forgotten any crucial steps along the way.

If you are looking for an identity theft protection service I encourage you to check out IdentityForce.  What are you waiting for?  Sign up today.

**If you are already a victim of identity theft IdentityForce, nor any other identity protection service, may limit your restoration benefits.  However, I can help.  I can also show you how I can do it with little to no money out of your pocket.  Call 239-435-9111 to schedule an appointment.