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Lee Pitts Live  July 14, 2015

Collier County Schools: Identity Theft Forum    November 12, 2014

Naples Daily NewsMakers Daily with host Jeff Lytle   August 3, 2014

Naples Daily NewsMakers Daily with host Jeff Lytle  June 29, 2014                  Part I    Part II     Part III


WINK News July 22, 2015  “Hodges University creates new institute to fight fraud”

WINK News February 23, 2015  “Thieves are preying on your child’s identity”

WINK News February 13, 2015  “Tokenization” to help keep your credit card information safer

WINK News November 24, 2014   Expert says more phishing emails during holiday season

WINK News October 21, 2014     Experts warn you to be careful shopping this holiday season

WINK News October 10, 2014      ID Theft Expert: be careful of what phone apps you download

WINK News September 8, 2914       Patients receiving letter from health system after breach

WINK News August 18, 2014   4.5 million records stolen, hospital system hacked

WINK News July 21, 2014     How to Track Identity Theft

WINK News June 20, 2014   Expert says skimming suspects may be part of larger ring

WINK News June 12, 2014   Possible members of burglary ring arrested

WINK News June 11, 2014   Possible credit/debit card hack at P.F. Chang’s

WINK News April 4, 2014  CCSO hosts events to prevent identity theft

WINK News March 27, 2014 ‘Check washing’ cases on the rise in Collier County

WINK News May 6, 2014 Your junk mail trash is a thief’s treasure

WINK News March 10, 2014 New anti-fraud group forms in Collier County

WINK News February 26, 2014 Facebook tip leads to arrest in convenience store robbery

WINK News January 22, 2014 Personal information from Target breach being sold online

WINK News January 15, 2014 Identity theft continues to be high in Southwest Florida

WINK News January 13, 2014 Identity theft expert expects more data breaches this year

WINK News January 10,2014  Target data breach affects millions of customers

WINK News January 8, 20114 Cape Coral woman victim of Target security breach

WINK News January 1, 2014 Scam uses aluminum foil to rob businesses

WINK News December 22, 2013 ID theft expert says Target shoppers still at risk

NBC News

NBC-2 News June 11, 2014 Credit card security breach at P.F. Chang’s

NBC-2 May 6, 2014 Investigator reveals how to find hidden cameras

NBC-2 News February 7, 2008 Spy Finder

 Fox News

FOX4 News December 23. 2013 Justice Dept investigating data breach

FOX4 News December 19, 2013   40M accounts may be involved in data breach