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Warning Target shoppers, your information has been compromised

It appears that those Black Friday deals may end up costing  you more than you thought. They may have cost you your identity.

Target, the nationwide retailer, is investigating a data breach involving over a million customer credit and debit card records. Sources reveal the breach started right after Thanksgiving and continued to possibly as far as December 16th.

The actual number of customers affected is currently unknown. however, one of the major credit card associations has reported to two major credit card issuers that one million cards are believed to have been affected. No word yet on the other credit card issuers. Regardless, once the dust has settled this one is one breach that will go down in the data breach record book.

Good news for you online shoppers, right now it appears that the breach involved in store shoppers only and not those that shopped at the Target website. At least that is what is currently being reported. Stay tuned for additional information as Target and the Secret Service continues their investigation.

So if you shopped at a Target store from black Friday through December 16th pay extra attention to your credit card statement. Look for unknown charges. Even the small ones, less than $10.00. If you do discover a discrepancy contact your credit card company immediately. Due to the magnitude of the breach be prepared to receive phishing emails, fraudulent phone calls or other types of scam behavior claiming to be regarding the breach. When in doubt contact your credit card company directly. Target should soon be posting information on their website regarding the breach including a telephone number for victims.

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