Speaking Topics

Identity Theft and the Business Community (1 hour)  Audience:  All businesses

General information including business impact

  • What is identity theft
  • Impact on victims
  • How to work with victims
  • Minimizing economic and reputation damage to the company related to identity fraud

Reducing Corporate Risk of Identity Theft (2-3 hours)  Audience: Business Management

See your company through the eyes of an identity thief

  • Risk areas in the workplace
  • Human Resource issues
  • Developing a written policy
  • Training employees
  • Implementation strategy
  • Workbook provided for self-evaluation of your company

Law Enforcement and Identity Theft Victims (1 hour)  Audience:  Law Enforcement community from Chiefs to Patrol Officers

Bridging the gap

  • Focus is on enhancing victim relations and community image
  • Improving understanding of the crime
  • Extending community outreach

Identity Theft and the Medical Community (1 hour)  Audience: Health care providers and administrators

General information including business impact

  • What is medical identity theft
  • Impact on patients
  • How to work with victims
  • Minimizing economic and reputation damage to the practice related to medical identity theft

Medical Identity Theft and Your Health (1 hour)  Audience: Patients

General information including patient impact

  • What is medical identity theft
  • Impact on your health
  • Minimizing your risk of medical identity theft
  • Warning signs of medical identity theft
  • What to do once you are a victim

Identity Theft, More Than a Financial Risk

Discover the six different types of identity theft, how information is obtained, the most common warning signs and steps to take if you become a victim.  This presentation is essential for everyone as no one is immune from identity theft, not even children.

Data Breach and Identity Theft – What Your Organization Must Know

Data security breaches are on the rise.  Do you know how to protect your organization? This presentation explores the consequences of a data security breach and the six types of identity theft, methods used to commit a data breach and tips to reduce the risk and mitigate a breach. Information is beneficial for business owners and C-level managers including HR, finance, IT and more.

The Deadly Consequences of Medical Identity Theft

Most think identity theft involves only credit cards or bank accounts.  Well there is one type, medical identity theft that can have deadly consequences.  Learn how your information is obtained, how it can impact your health, warning signs you might be a victim and steps to take if you become a victim.  This presentation is beneficial for patients as well as health care providers and staff.

The Hidden Risks of Business Identity Theft

In many states business identity theft is not a crime.  Businesses that are victims of identity theft are not given the same rights as individual identity theft victims.  So what can you do?  Attend this presentation to learn how it happens, the consequences to your business and steps you can take to reduce your risk.

How to Surf the Net While Avoiding Sharks

Technology has made our lives easier.  It has also made it easier for criminals.  Learn about the hidden dangers of the Internet, how to avoid them and tools, paid and free, available to protect you and your family.

How to Identify a Phishing Email

Phishing emails are on the rise.  They often contain malware, software created with malicious intent.  Learn three simple techniques to identity phishing emails to protect you, your family or your business from malware.  If you own a business this is crucial information to reduce the risk of a data security breach.


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