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How to Reduce Cyber Risks for Small Business

Join us for a free webinar Tuesday September 23, 2014 at 11am EST.   

Linking Enterprise and Small Business Security to Shore up Cyber Risks in the Supply Chain

Carrie Kerskie

Jason Polancich

As business becomes more connected and as data moves further outside the organizational walls, the supply chain has become a critical chink in the security armor. Think about how many small businesses, suppliers and customers have access to different areas of an enterprise. But small businesses do not generally employ the same strength of security as larger companies because it’s complex, costly and resource-intensive. Enterprise cybersecurity is intricately linked to that of the supply chain.

Join SurfWatch Labs Chief Architect and former US Government Intelligence Analyst Jason Polancich, and Carrie Kerskie, a data privacy investigator and expert, for a webcast where they will examine the insecurity of small businesses in the supply chain and provide practical tips to close backdoors into the enterprise.

Attend this webcast to learn:

  • Lessons from real-life data breaches originating from the supply chain
  • How to more quickly identify and act on highly relevant cyber risks facing your organization
  • Recommendations for working with your partners, vendors and customers to reduce overall cyber risk

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